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The Corner of My Eye(2012) $12Dan’s brand new CD, available now!
“The cd is chalk full of happy surprises.  Like all cd’s I have my favorites (Alchemy of Fish in particular) but mostly I’m content to say that from cover to cover, this is the work of someone who continues to reach, continues to grow, continues to tell the truth as he sees it, in ways that continue to delight.”David Barrett, Composer/Songwriter – “One Shining Moment”“The album The Corner of My Eye from Dan Hazlett feels very much like a collection of short stories as Hazlett writes very straightforward lyrics that tell it like it is. The music on the album is performed with style and lends itself well to the lyrics written by Hazlett. You only come across an artist like Hazlett once in a while and his album The Corner of My Eye is a joy to listen to.” – Matheson Kamin – Matheson’s Entertainment Blog

“Hazlett’s work here seems as familiar as it is cozy, as reminiscent of another time as it is timeless and connective. After the turbulent end of the 1960s and the Vietnam War sounds like these were a balm for a nation weary from conflict. In many ways, they are again now.” – Nick De Riso – Something Else Reviews



Tumbledown Town Cast Album (2010) $12Featuring: Dan Hazlett, Bob Marshall, Maureen Paraventi and Christine Kapusky Moore performing the original songs of Dan Hazlett from this charming, delightful “folk opera”!

The performance of Dan Hazlett’s play, “Tumbledown Town” was clever, entertaining, and fun for all. We all laughed and cried as we caught glimpses of ourselves through the wonderful characters brought to life by a very talented cast.” -Ruthette Mills, Portage Players Director, Erickson Center for the Arts

Just a Guitar (2008) $12This CD was recorded live in the studio on old fashioned analog tape with all the imperfections left in.  There were no overdubs, punch-ins or digital manipulations used in it’s production. So here, with all it’s warts, is a glimpse of what I might sound like at any little coffee house you may wander into, minus, mercifully, all the bad jokes.

“I love Dan Hazlett’s music and this album is particularly wonderful. The simplicity allows you to really hear his words, which is great because his words are always thought provoking and meaningful, sometimes joyful, sometimes sad, but always real. That’s what I love about Dan and this album is all of that!” – Eve Wilson

Water Over Stone (2004) $12“As I listened to Dan Hazlett’s new CD, Water Over Stone, one thought kept popping up: Is there anything this man can’t make into a song?  And I don’t think there is!  Hazlett writes about a little bit of everything, from carpet stains to schizophrenia.  The result is a CD everyone can enjoy and relate to .  .  .  a combination of folky rock, jazz, and the kind of music that makes you smile, laugh, and sing along. ” Andrea Hill – Singer Magazine

Family Album (2001) $12“The production is very nice and your playing is beautiful. The songs are all very strong too.  . . gorgeous poetic images and a way of getting at something very difficult to describe.”

-Steve Gillette- Singer/Songwriter

“Dan Hazlett’s Family Album is a wonderful mix of solid songwriting, soulful singing, and nimble guitar work.  I wonder how a new dad finds the time. . . Dan certainly has, and with style and grace.” – David Roth, Singer/Songwriter

Plugged (2004) $5 CD of some of Dan’s Zany Comedy Tunes together in one collection recorded live in front of an enthusiastic audience.

The Hood Ornaments (1998) $12This is a rare CD recording of one of Dan’s many band projects.  Featuring the two Detroit area virtuosos, James Cloyd on bass guitar and Scott Williams on drums, the album is a mixture of blues, soul, r & b and rock tunes that were all written by Dan.  Here’s your chance to hear Dan on electric guitar and trumpet.  There are not many copies of this CD left and it will probably not be available again after they are gone.

Our Little Secret (1996) $12

“Dan Hazlett’s strength is in the imagery of his lyrics.  He’s not afraid to address tough issues through his music, such as homelessness and family secrets.” –  Eric Freedman – Michigan Folk Notes
“Relying heavily on his acoustic guitar, the singer-songwriter incorporates these elements, along with touches of jazz and pop, with ease into his own dreamy folk sound” – Stephanie Angelyn Casola – The Observer

Heartland (1992) $12Dan’s first commercially released recording, Heartland is a unabashedly pop production on which all of the instruments and vocals are performed by Dan.